Review 186: SOLD – Empty Words – English

Do you need an energy shot to begin your day? Just call SOLD!

Created in 2016 in Estonia, the band composed of the vocalist duo Anne (clean vocals) and Vitaly (harsh vocals), guitarists Valeri and Gleb, bass player Evgeni and drummer Slava releases a track in 2018 but we have to wait until 2020 for the release of Empty Words, their first EP. 

Halfway between a swedish-sounding Melodic Death Metal and a catchy Metalcore, the band invest themselves a lot. We can notice a meticulous production and an excellent sound at the very beginning of Empty Words, the first track. The contrast between Vitaly’s howls and Anne’s clean and motivating female vocals quickly hits right, and the rhythmic led by a roaring bass is effective. Perverted Values, the second track, fastly focuses on lead guitar that aligns harmonics while the vocal duo does wonders, offering two different aspects of the band’s music. A new flow of piercing leads into I Feel No Pain’s riffs, a quieter track but also more airy that follows the genre’s codes while increases intensity again for a catchy chorus. Last song, A Man-Made Machine created a darker ambience than on previous tracks to unleash a solid and jerky rhythmic before more groovy parts to complete the band’s universe.

SOLD’s influences are various, and they made Empty Words an interesting and rich first EP. The vocal duet is pleasant, riffs are effectives, everything that was needed to kickstart a young band!


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