Review: With Heavy Hearts – Moments Gone – English

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Only a month after their last single, With Heavy Hearts hits again!

We meet Adam Svensson (vocals), Emil Gustavsson (guitar), Magnus Källström (bass) and Pontus Lundstedt (drums) again for Moments Gone, their new song, which is part of their next full-length!

Moments Gone achieves to do a great melting into two aspects of the band’s Melodic Death Metal. A massive sound’s catching groove collides to the melodic melancholy that we can feel into their riffs, but above all in the singer’s voice. The parts where choirs strengthen screams litterally gave me chills and penetrate my soul!

Once again, With Heavy Hearts affirm their comeback thanks to Moments Gone! Their Swedish Melodic Death Metal infused with Metalcore is still full of surprises!


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