Review 253 : Bloodfeast Ritual – Altar of Sacrifice – English

It is in the United States, precisely in Los Angeles that the band named Bloodfeast Ritual gives us an ambitious Death filled with energy.

The band is formed by three members, Michael Nystrom Barla (lead rhythm guitar and bass), as well as Hunter Gurney (lead rhythm guitar and bass) and lastly David Ainsworth (vocals).

The EP Altar of Sacrifice is composed of five tracks, puts us during twenty minutes in the depths of Hell…
With strong and fast sounds, the beginning of the EP introduces us with all diverses intonations of David, heady lyrics and guitar solos as hot as Hell itself!
No More Room In Hell and Chopped Up And Burned remember us the greasy tones that we love in somehow Old School or not Death Metal. Other fast sounds will give you all the energy you need.

Bloodfeast Ritual offers us a combination of riffs, solos and various vocals. Filled with good transitions and brutal final parts, you’ll find it also enjoyable on stage! In the meantime, way to headsets and speakers to listen to this lavish Death Metal while watching an Old-School artwork with dark colors and a gory design.


Written by Grindcoeur

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