Review 325 : Cenobite – Dark Dimension – English

Horror lovers, Cenobite is here for you!

This Old School Death Metal band straight from Russia offers us their first album, named Dark Dimension, composed of 11 songs. It’s Kostek Delgano (guitar/vocals), the band’s leader, accompanied by members of Chamber of Torture, Internal Damage as well as Neva that bring us an album built with inspiration of the legendary movie Hellraiser from Clive Barker and that speaks of the manuscript of Leviathan, so they hold their name really well.

We begin with Lord of the Labyrinth to create an ambience with this introduction made of Old School riffs and rhythm, and some parts of the movie will make us sink into a bloodbath and torture chamber… Then here we go with Leviathan, fast but not too much, we like this heavy voice that reminds our beloved Old School Death Metal, then we go for The Void is Cold, a slower but very pleasant song. We continue with a rhythm change, they focus on fastness for Martyrdom and Pain, Torture, Tears (and if you don’t remind the song’s name… shame on you). We slow down with Plague Dominion, closely followed by Through Horizon that offers a sudden rhythm change even if it is enjoyable to link to Slaughter, another effective song. Beware, let’s calm down with Harvest, and… it’s a joke. Brutal, greasy, catchy, all that we love. We beautifully end this album with More Kills and You Must Die, two songs that give us the will to press replay again and again.

If you’re into horror, blood and torture, Dark Dimension is made for you! Cenobite throws a gorgeous Old School Death Metal with this rich, intense and gory album. With its rhythm variations and this greasy voice, we can only need for more!


Written by Grindcoeur

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