Review 379 : Anaptosis – Simian Barbarism – English

Ready for the fight? Anaptosis presents its first EP!

Created in 2016 under the name of Typhon, the band changes its name in 2018 and plays Slam Death! So Martin « Chapito » Orangutan (drums), Benoît Silverback (guitar), Rudy Chimp (bass) and Max Mandrill (vocals) drop Simian Barbarism.

We barely have the time to talk on the introductive sample from Simian Barbarism, the eponymous track, that the assault begins. The sound is heavy, and it’s supported by some bassdrops that the four monkeys strike us with dancing and greasy riffs. Insecticide Ingestion is next without a single form of softness. Vocals alternate between guttural howlings and more piercing but as aggressive screams, while the band keeps using devastating breaks. Pestilential Extirpation plays on bloody-tasting harmonics that comes out of a thick rhythmic to allow its audience to mosh before dropping breaks. Lead guitar goes for a heady melody, but it’s once again greasy sound that crushes, with also some piercing hits. REVO, the EP’s last song, uses again those heavy and catchy elements which are characteristic to the style, on which powerful vocals alight. Antics seem to be endless with this sequence of more and more smashing breaks!

If you’re into breakdowns, you will like Anaptosis. Less than fifteen minutes for Simian Barbarism, but violence predominates on this first EP, that announces only good stuff for motivated crowds!


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