Review 383 : Bròn – Pred Dverima Noci – English

With an impressive regularity, Bròn awakes again.

Solo project of Krigeist (all instruments/chant, Barshasketh, Belliciste…), the word means “sorrow” in Gaellic Scottish. Since 2014, the musician offers us two demos, three EPs and six full-lengths, including the last to date, Pred dverima no?i.

Throughout three very long tracks, Bròn invites us to let ourselves carried by his music. If Black Metal is obviously the dominating element, we also notice some softer and ambient tones, just like on the introduction of Dverima noi, the first song, but also those airy keyboard touches. The contrast created between those elements and characteristic Black Metal howlings as well as fast-paced blast beat is cold, but enjoyable. We also find more dissonant parts and piercing riffs, like on Usnulu zlobu razbudi. If the song is very dark and majestic, it is also heady and plays on this contrast of elements, with however more saturated parts than the first track. Epic sonorities always invade the rhythmic, even when nearly-religious breaks. The second part of the song is dominated by this worrying but captivating keyboard, joined at the end by several dark effects. Zastore skrai, the last song, is way slower, but the sound is also more weighing. The vocalist’s howlings are frightening, and even when the rhythmic accelerates the song is oppressing. Some piercing harmonics invite themselves into the mixing, then the sound crushes us again, while shrouding us with blackness. Once again a softer and hypnotic part is expected, but Black Metal comes back to add this touch of violence before the final part.

Even if it is hard to perceive, Bròn’s music is magic. Pred Dverima Noci is a mesmerizing and airy album, which will carry our mind beyond the boundaries of imagination. Just close your eyes while listening.


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