Review 494 : Korpse – Insufferable Violence – English

I hope that you had rest and are now ready to welcome Korpse’s album.

Created in 2013 in the Netherlands, the band’s core is pure violence. Composed of Sven van Dijk (vocals, Visionary666, ex-Dictated), Marten van Kruijssen (drums, Cliteater, ex-Dictated), Floor van Kuijk (guitar, Carnifloor, Scorbutus, ex-Fermented Masturbation) and Robin van Rijswijk (bass, Cadaverous), the band introduces us to Insufferable Violence, its third album.

The album begins with PTSD, a sample on which the band already offers a lumbering and catchy rhythmic in Slam Death’s tradition then Insufferable Violence is next, bringing the singer’s howlings in to complete this super violent painting. Impossible to resist to this insanely powerful tidal wave, the will to mosh is stronger, just like on Disposable Underaged Objects, a song that progressively becomes more and more crushing then finally this seismic final part before Self Preservation. The band only stop to start over again with more and more violent, unhealthy and low-tuned riffs. A moment of rest? No for sure, it’s A Final Lesson that is next with a more intense heaviness, completer by fast and sharp harmonics. A sample finally drops us on a moshpart that will make us dance with feet on the front, just like Genocidal Bloodbath, a fast and as incisive as the previous ones, that promises uncontrollable crowd movements. The band continues to spread chaos with Calloussness that doesn’t change the band’s thick and smashing recipe, like the dark Vital Transaction and its greasy Old School influences. This snare sound is wonderful, and reminds me the style’s beginning, while Molestation Condonation comes back to those modern tones, forged into a dancing rage and a stunning heaviness. Take the lull opportunity offered by Epochs of Melancholy, an instrumental track with oppressive Old School tones before throwing yourself in the sweating pit again with Now You’ve Got Something To Die For, a cover of Lamb of God. Whether the song was already quite angry by core, the band transformed it into a pure violence hymn.

With Insufferable Violence, Korpse didn’t change their recipe. But why would they do it? Their Brutal Slam is one of the most greasy and violent ever, and the band progressively fuel themselves to the top of the style.


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