Review 767 : Dødsferd – Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow II – English

For its 20th anniversary, Dødsferd does not only release a short EP.

Wrath (vocals/guitar, Grab, Leeches, ex-Nadiwrath, ex-Drunk Motherfuckers), Sarvok (bass/guitar/keyboards/violin/saxophone) and N.D. (drums, Grab, Isolert, Leeches, Sørgelig, ex-My Deathbed…) also offer us Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow – part II, the band’s eleventh full-length, that echoes to the album released in 2009.

Maybe you will be surprised to only discover two songs on this album, and maybe you will be surprised to see they both last more than a quarter of an hour. The Red Lake of Your Innocence, the first song, offers a very melancholic sound and some soft notes before a tornado of raw sound topped by DSBMish howlings appears. The band places some leads and more majestic parts on as sincere as effective and painful riffs, creating a dark ambience. Blast possesses the rhythmic, accompanied by bestial howlings, then the sampled voice comes back before The Bastard Sons of Nature, a song that stays into those airy and visceral tones, while adding some unexpected elements, like a saxophone for a more catchy ambience. Black Metal also lets place to mesmerizing clean voice before howlings surface again, then the landscape gets more and more desolated while allowing wind instruments a bigger role. In the end, the final part comes to murder any hope.

Dødsferd is a band that is deeply attached to Black Metal, while fully exploring it. Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow – part II offers a viscerality and a raw sound that unveils a painful melancholy, not only a simple violence, proving the band knows and can do everything.


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