Review 916 : Teeth – Finite – English

Teeth offers an EP at the end of 2021.

After their second album in 2019, Erol Ulug (guitar/vocals, ex-Mortal Wound, ex-Wageslave), Justin Moore (guitar/vocals, ex-Our Place of Worship Is Silence, ex-Wageslave), Peter King (bass, Lake of Blood, Mortal Wound) and Alejandro Aranda (drums, Karas) work their Doom/Death on Finite.

Illustrated by Mark Erskine (Ghoulchapel, Scordatura, Temple of Demigod…), the EP begins with A Garden of Eyes, a song with a very mysterious introduction that will suddenly explode to offer a dark chaos topped by monstrous howlings. Thick riffs let place to a worrying break with clean sound before coming back, then the very short Dreamless Heiroglyphs comes next with an impressive vocal part. Dissonance reigns over leads while howlings crush us, then the groovy and dark Concubine comes next with an inexistant delicacy. The song is also really raw and effective, then The Fog of Futility continues with a block of sound full of piercing leads. The blast suddenly slows down, creating a worrying hazy part in which the band moves forward to Scornful Nexus, a composition which places ghostly leads. The rhythmic becomes worrying and mysterious, then it slowly fades away into the void, leaving us with this metallic and melancholic sound which dies too.

Teeth’s weighing and occult style makes Finite very effective. Whether blackness, oppression and a chaotic sound attracts you, you can only be happy with this crawling and unfathomable mass.


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