Review 948 : So Hideous – None but a Pure Heart Can Sing – English

Blackness comes to life thanks to So Hideous.

Created in 2008 under the name of So Hideous, My Love…, the american band composed of Christopher Cruz (vocals/bass), Brandon Cruz (guitar/keyboards), Mike Kadnar (drums, Downfall of Gaia, Brannthorde), DJ Scully (bass, Dead Empires) and Etienne (guitar) offers us None but a Pure Heart Can Sing, its fourth album.

The album begins with Souvenir (Echo), a very soaring and weighing album which unveils raw and energetic elements. Whether the rhythmic can perfectly make place to those airy tones, vocals focus about something more visceral, while we look at a mysterious break before chaotic rage surfaces again, then The Emerald Perl offers a regular progression. The band also allows space for a saxophone, which creates an interesting contrast between complex parts and the most raw elements, while Intermezzo (3) offers us a moment of rest between heaviness and dissonance. The progression drives us to pure softness, then Motorik Visage recreates this explosive ambience completed by airy tones. The song’s length allows it to link abrasive violence and chaotic parts, a fast-paced blast, intense and soaring leads, as well as more heady sonorities, then the album ends with From Now (Till The Time We’re Still). Whether the sound turns out to be quite pessimistic, the general atmosphere is quite soft, creating and intense contrast between howlings, rhythmic and the background elements, slowly driving us to the final.

If you’re looking for softness, So Hideous is not the band you need. Between visceral screams, weighing rhythmic and dark ambience, None but a Pure Heart Can Sing is an as interesting as intense album, which allows raw tones a great place.


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