Review 964 : Dead War – Grandfather of War – English

Dead War breaks silence to release its first album.

After a first EP in 2016, Chuck Death (guitar/vocals/violin), Nathan Nunes (bass/upright bass) and Sado Critter (drums) introduce us to Grandfather of War, released late 2021 at Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

We begin with Point Blank Penance, a short raw Death/Thrash composition strengthened by Black Metal influences. The sound is dirty and Old School, but it is accompanied by more experimental patterns, like Armored Warfare and its heady bass parts. The rhythmic slows down to let the band place dissonant and airy elements, but also an energetic solo to accompany the acceleration before the final. The Black Growth of Decay offers warlike percussions with soaring tones before the assault really begins, developing a solid rhythmic. Some Death/Doom accents can be heard, creating oppressive parts, before Funebris Terrarum comes to break the dynamic. Violin, percussions and upright bass offer a strange and gloomy interlude, then One Bullet Can Change The World reconnects with pure aggressiveness. The band’s roots melt under the banner of an unchained and uninterrupted violence, placing a hooking groove under fast and jerky riffs, then the album ends with Grandfather Of War, the eponymous track. Violence and fast riffs welcome raucous howlings, then leads unveil vicious melodies until this soft and unexpected break, then the explosion drives us to the end.

Dead War melts the most raw elements of Death and Thrash, coupled to Black Metal hints to create Grandfather of War. The album is really fast, straightforward and also offers unexpected moments.


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