Review 975 : Scribe of Existence – Dissolving Realities – English

Scribe of Existence gets out of the dark again.

Created in 2014 by Luke Griffin (vocals, Acrania), Jake Hadley (drums, Acrania), Joe DeSalvo (guitars), and Dave Harmon (guitars), the band offers us Dissolving Realities, a new EP.

We begin with Aesthetic Phenomenon, an as hooking as enchanting introduction, offering crystal clear leads, continuing on Scribe Of Existence, an as melodic as visceral track. The song offers jerky Hardcore roots, sometimes melted to some violence strenghtened by pure rage, then Amnesia Embodied calls explosive jerks again. Post-Metal influences settle into raw Deathcore, just like those dancing samples, letting place to an intense break, Electro parts on Ancient Lines and above all this mastered voice which helps to develop seizing harmonics before Fragile Exchange, a brutal song. Melodies seem to borrow from raw violence to give birth to Dreamspace, an as short as worrying song. Whether screams in the background let place to some rhythmic elements, Dissolving Realities comes to angrily throw us on the ground to relentlessly smash us. Leads’ raw violence offers aggressive but catchy tones before pure pure Deathcore strikes again with blackness, then Infinite Existence offers weighing and powerful rhythmic parts. Electro elements call for breaks and pig squeals before the worrying Bow Before This Moment comes to give a dark complexity, closed by those visceral screams and this dark rhythmic.

Even if we had to wait after Scribe of Existence the band knows to perfectly handle heaviness and strength on Dissolving Realities. A hint of blackness, a touch of melodies and above all an effective basis. Here is what we want.


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