Review 977 : Hadal Maw – Oblique Order – English

Hadal Maw comes back with a new EP.

Created in Australia in 2010, the band plays a heavy and aggressive Technical Death Metal. Nick Rackham (guitar, A Million Dead Birds Laughing), Ben Boyle (guitar, A Million Dead Birds Laughing), Sam Dillon (vocals), Tim Anderson (bass, Blackhelm) and Liam Weedall (drums, Dyssidia, Voros) unveil us Oblique Order.

Fetishize Consumption takes the head of this as greasy and weighing as violent orchestra, creating an aggressive atmosphere from the first seconds, which will be continued with the coming of screams and dissonance. Strength and rage will be fed by those chaotic melodies, like Oblique Order and its straightforward and weighing groove. Vocals become really worrying while the haunting rhythmic moves forward until it becomes disturbing, then Black Metal influences are melted to the dark basis before Future Eaters, an oppressive and burdensome composition. Frightening harmonics are grafted to this weighing basis and those terrifying screams, then Vile Veneration brings a dissonant blackness as well as an unfathomable rhythmic with Death Metal shades. We find this violence into riffs for example, while chaotic leads offer a touch of madness to this abrasive atmosphere before the final.

Hadal Maw breathes death and Death Metal. Their riffs are weighing and aggressive, making Oblique Order a short, intense but still super effective EP. We also feel different influences, sometimes offering dark or dissonant tones, creating this burdensome contrast.


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