Review 1026 : Abysmal Dawn – Nightmare Frontier – English

Abysmal Dawn is back with Nightmare Frontier, its new EP.

Since 2003, the American band created by Charles Elliott (vocals/guitar, Bereft) and completed by Eliseo Garcia (bass), James Coppolino (drums) and Vito Petroni (guitar) already released albums.

A Nightmare Slain begins with very Old School and raw tones, supported by a thick mix, creating an unfurling wave of violence embellished by crushing vocals. Riffs are immediately hooking, just like sharp and fast leads, then Blacken The Sky continues without a trace of softness with way more technical influences. Whether the package is very catchy, we easily distinguish haunting parts, raw elements or sharp harmonics, the Behind Space, a brutal cover of Melodic Death Metal pioneers In Flames come to unveil a more airy side of the band’s music while staying into this ravaging aspect. To close this EP, the band decided to go into slowness with Bewitched, a cover of Candlemass, founders of Epic Doom Metal, while offering clean vocals completed by aggressive choirs. The choice is surprising, but it ensures an intense contrast with what the band usually offers.

Abysmal Dawn perfectly handles Death Metal. But Nightmare Frontier allows it to confirm this place while adventuring into Melodic Death and Doom with two interesting covers. Don’t miss it!


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