Review 1061 : Ritual Necromancy x Fossilization – Split – English

Death Metal called Ritual Necromancy and Fossilization for a split.

Whether Americans began in 2008 and have two full-lengths, an EP and a demo, the brazilian band only began in 2020 with an EP the next year.

Ritual Necromancy strikes first with Enter the Depths, a weihing track of more than fifteen minutes which couples morbid heaviness, cavernous howlings and dissonant harmonics. The song sometimes wear majestic but choking elements, chaotic accelerations and hints of technicality to feed this fog of sound with Old School influences. The greasy rhythmic will slowly die, allowing the lament wandering in the background, then Fossilization comes with Exalted in the Altar of Insignificance, an as weighing as aggressive track. Blast clobbers us while riffs and devastating screams destroy everything on their path, creating a global oppression with those terrifying leads. The rhythmic slows down to become haunting, followed by With Blood and Feathers and its warlike dissonance, driving us to a progression into a total chaos. Rhythmic alternates between devastating energy and sticky slowness until the final moment.

Ritual Necromancy and Fossilization know oppression by heart, and their music can witness it. With this split, both bands deliver two shades of a dirty, dissonant and greasy Death/Doom, which will for sure catch your attention.


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