Review 1062 : Svartsot – Kumbl – English

Svartsot’s fifth album has been announced!

Since 2005 (or 2004 under the name of Skoll), the Danish band now composed of Cris Frederiksen (guitar/folk instruments/vocals), Hans-Jørgen Martinus Hansen (flute/folk instruments), Thor Bager (vocals), Owl (drums), Michael Alm (guitar/vocals) and Simon Buje (bass) work hard to create a motivating Folk Metal. In 2022, they release Kumbl, helped by Andrea Uglebjerg (vocals, Situationsfornærmelse).

The album begins with the cheerful Den Hoboeken Dans, an introduction which immediately sets us into this festive and hooking universe thanks to effective riffs before Nu Stander Landen I Va?de calls saturated vocals. Even if it’s darker, the song turns out to still be as catchy, offering a quite consistent by which we’re easily caught. Carmen Vernale comes next with slightly more melancholic and haunting tones, allowing Black Metal influences to be expressed while vocals become weighing, creating an interesting contrast with heady Folk sonorities, then Ebbe Skammelsøn unveils a slower and more accessible groove. The song is still solid, but it could allow newcomers to have interest into the style, just like Kragevisen which unveils some melancholy which is joined to festive sonorities. Some backing vocals also appear, becoming more and more present, then Villemand places appeasing acoustic sonorities before reconnecting with saturation. The rhythmic stays quite regular and hooking, becoming even motivating before the solo, then Liden Kirsten comes back into rage notably with those visceral vocal parts. About riffs, the band stays into a quite steady and heavy basis, just like on Rottefængeren, who offers as much Death Metal influences as cheerful elements, backing vocals or effective moshparts including Folk sonorities. Den Store Stygge Stimand goes back to dark sonorities supported by this raw strength and those effective riffs, unveiling a part of communicative savagery the band exposes to us, before it falls into quietness again on Drømte Mig En Drøm. The band offers an oppressive softness, supported by dark tones, but saturation surfaces again and joins the catchy elements, just like on the melancholic Ramund. The clean sounding introduction will be crushed by riffs, which come back more energetic, until De To Ravne closes the album with a melting between melancholy, energy and hooking Folk roots.

Svartsot perfectly knows its universe, and the band will prove it. With Kumbl, the band offers a contrast between hooking Folk, melancholic tones and effective riffs, which will strike right on stage.


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