Review 1064 : Versatile – Atra Bilis – English

Versatile is out of darkness.

Since 2019, Hatred Salander (vocals) develops his universe with the help of Cinis (guitar) and Famine (guitar). Atra Bilis, their first EP, comes out in 2022.

The EP begins with La Conteuse Des Méandres, a song which unveils a majestic and massive Black/Death. Howlings in French offer thoughtful lyrics which perfectly stick to this occult, dark and aggressive, but quite melodic and oppressive universe. The band does not hesitate to use dissonant leads to strengthen the weighing sound, then Ad Nauseam comes next with heady orchestrations. The song is heavier, more martial and more raw, picking into effective Old School tones to refine its sharp riffs, while Un Hiver De Cendre turns out to be more dissonant and airy. The composition is immediately cold and oppressive, developing its worrying atmosphere before the rhythmic becomes more aggressive, and before La Marque Du Chaos appears with a more modern sound. EBM influences are melted to the raw and dark basis, offering a very different sound to welcome wild howlings, then also tragical orchestrations in the background, before Versatile lulls us with its introduction. The haunting sound grabs us by the throat before bursting into fire and offering all its strength until the end of the melancholic composition.

Whether the visual part is very important for Versatile, their sound meets their expectations. Atra Bilis is very short, but it allows the band to unveil us its dark roots and its wild riffs, strengthened by worrying orchestrations.


Version Française ?

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