Review 1081 : Konvent – Call Down the Sun – English

Konvent continues its ascend with its second album.

Created in 2015 in Denmark, the band composed of Rikke Emilie List (vocals), Sara Helena Nørregaard (guitar), Heidi Withington Brink (bass) and Julie Simonsen (drums) offer us Call Down the Sun in 2022, at Napalm Records. On stage, they are accompanied by Sophie “Lake” (guitar, Shamash).

Into The Distance, the first song, offers a weighing and deep dissonance coupled to cavernous howlings. The haunting sound unveils some hooking Stoner influences which darken before leaving of Sand Is King, a worrying and aggressive song. Black Metal elements join this impressive and slow basis which hammers us into the ground with each strike, the In The Shoot offers a heady melancholy before placing this crushing sound full of airy melodies. The oppressive regularity will work, just like the saturated mystery developed over Grains and its dissonant leads, which will create a dark veil while offering Heavy influences. The sound stays really hooking while keeping those stunning greasy tones, while the very melancholic and melodic Fatamorgana unveils an airy and heady sound. Screamed vocals are extremely heavy, creating a gap between the two main roots of the seizing sound, then the band offers us a quick break with Interlude, a short saturated instrumental. Never Rest comes next to oppress us with its majestic and dark harmonics, which creates a hooking fog to make us progressively sink into blackness before Pipe Dreams comes to offer an addictive oppression. The basis stays quite the same, but it also offers some raids into Black Metal to strengthen this burdening sound before Harena and its mystical sonorities, skillfully melted to this slow and greasy sound. Heaviness accompanies us before slowing down progressively, unveiling the end of the album under this weighing banner.

For some reason, Konvent’s first album went under my radar. But with Call Down the Sun, I know the band will stay into my top of this year, and I will quickly devour the entirety of work, which melts oppression, blackness and hooking slowness.


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