Review 1089 : Wretched Tongues – Ulter Praefinitum – English

Wretched Tongues’ silence came to an end.

Since their first EP in 2017, musicians are animated by their love of Deathcore. In 2022, Adam Spencer (vocals), Josh Manha (bass), Brad Bolser (guitar), Jeff Key (guitar) and Matty Gardner (drums) unveil us Ulter Praefinitum, their first album.

Some mystical tones surround us to begin Pendulum of Existence, an introduction which eventually unveils the riffs’ heaviness and strength before howlings and technicality appear on Into the Nothing. The track offers extremely violent riffs on which vocals come to rage, then the majestic ambience is coupled to rage and visceral howlings, just like on The Gates of Oblivion and its haunting elements. The song is very dark, feeling weighing and heady, creating a contrast between raw strength and more airy melodies, but also quite straightforward on some parts, like on Call of the Chasm and its occult choruses which also offers some worrying mystical breaks. The band offers way more technical and fast riffs, but the song’s ambience is seizing, while Brain Itch will probably be the band’s main song to tear the crowd apart during their shows. Musicians barely allow us to breathe, placing moshparts and jerky rhythms under wild screams, then Sunder offers very Old School sonorities and automatic patterns. Clobbering continues into heaviness, just like with this break supported by soaring ambiences, then the band will offer more accessible riffs before Mortality picks into Death Metal to develop its aggressive and vivid rhythmic. To Witness the Infinite comes next with ravaging riffs and hooking groove, including some genuinely powerful vocal parts. The song will offer a killer break, but also impressive arrangements, driving us to Ulter Praefinitum, the album’s last song, which skillfully melts fast riffs and a dark ambience before the central devastating break, closing the album into this cold violence.

Anchored in both Old School Deathcore and majestic elements, Wretched Tongues offers a devastating sound. With Ulter Praefinitum, the band will for sure rage over crowds while making them a solid place into the scene.


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