Review 1103 : Harsh – Out Of Control – English

Harsh is unleashed on its first album.

Since 2018, Albert Arnold (vocals/guitar), Séverin Piozzoli (guitar/vocals), Léo Lowenthal (drums) and Julien Martin (bass) offer some Heavy/Glam Metal, influenced by the greatests, which is illustrated with Out Of Control at the beginning of 2022.

The album begins with Good Lovin’, a composition which makes us immediately sink back to the eighties with its catchy tones. Energetic melodies melted to motivating clean vocals drive us to The Sound She Does and its sometimes blues groove which is perfectly blended to the entailing atmosphere. Dancing leads walk with us to Never Let Go, some slightly more aggressive but still effective composition. Backing vocals strengthen the heaviness of the jerky riffs, then Believe Me I’m Alive will offer some quietness, supported by melancholy and haunting tones. The song offers a clean basis, fueled by leads, then Hold You Tight comes to bring a communicative energy which will motivate crowds. Their music’s joyful roots welcomes shrilling leads, then Fire At Will makes us go back to saturated and sometimes dissonant Hard Rock. Catchy backing vocals feed this easily memorizable chorus, while A Better Tomorrow will make quietness spawn again through hooking riffs. The ballad’s simpleness allows vocals to drive the composition before Make The Law adds a final part of saturation to this enthusiastic sound, anchored into its Old School roots.

Harsh knows the best riffs are inspired by their style’s legends, and the band proves it with Out Of Control. Anchored into the Glam from the eighties, they offer diversified compositions which unveil energy, melancholy and quietness when it’s needed.


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