Review 1127 : Crown Magnetar – Alone In Death – English

Crown Magnetar is back with a new EP.

Barely one year after its first album, the american band composed of Nick Burnett (guitar), Dan Tucker (vocals), Byron London (drums) and Grant Robinson (bass) unveils us Alone In Death in 2022.

Alone In Death, the eponymous track, begins the aggression with heavy and jerky riffs supported by raw howlings which alternate between cavernous and sharp screams. The band allows no dead time with this straightforward and weighing groove, then the break drives us to Hellsphere, a song which lets pure rage talk. The effective rhythmic will barely slows down to unveil burdening sonorities before letting oppressive blackness express itself with some Hardcore influences, like on Realistic Flesh Mask and its raw intensity. The song will clearly wreak havoc in crowds, whether it is during jerky riffs or waves of double kick, as on The Pain of Existence, a dark and extremely aggressive song. The rhythmic’s fastness will be contrasted by very burdening and suffocating parts, then Graverot will spray us with violence. The song alternates between unleashed parts and weighing moshparts, but it will be quite short and it drives us to God Is My Enemy, the last track of this unfurling wave of violence. The band makes us clearly understand rage is part of their musical ADN, and we have to deal with them in the future.

If you don’t know about Crown Magnetar, imagine a melting between Old School and modern Deathcore. Alone In Death will break your neck with its melting of tones, just like it will make you mosh as you never did.


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