Review 1133 : King Satan – Occult Spiritual Anarchy – English

King Satan is back with its new album.

Created in Finland in 2015 and represented by King Seth Aleister Satan (vocals), EF-13 (guitar), Hekate “Kate” Boss (keyboards/vocals), Jerry Rock’n’Roll (bass) and Pete Hellraiser (drums), the band releases in 2022 Occult Spiritual Anarchy, its third album.

After a short introduction, Left Hand Path Symphony comes to assault us with an effective rhythmic with dark and worrying sonorities anchored into energetic and cheerful Industrial. The sound is quickly hooking, and the vocalist’s screams drive us to The Faces of the Devil, a very contrasted composition between warlike tones and cybernetic additions. The powerful melting is joined by some heady leads, then The Pagan Satan will become darker and more unhealthy, creating a weighing groove completed by piercing Heavy influences. Devs Ex Satanas offers occult keyboards which walk together with a quite martial rhythmic influenced by German Industrial roots, while Human Sacrifice unveils very mild and majestic female vocals to create a contrast with the rhythmic’s violence. The band reconnects with some calmness on This is Where the Magick Happens, a heady song we already want to sing along with the band, then Beyond God makes weighing airy tones surface again. Black Metal influences can be heard under those waves of keyboards, but also some parts with modern-sounding Folk influences before all roots melt together to create a boundless fury, then Demon Made Flesh unveils a raw sound. But the song is short, and it turns out to be really hooking, just like the dark The Devil’s Opera and its heavy sonorities. The song is longer, and it allows the band to offer an effective composition shaped for the stage, while Spiritual Anarchy ’22 offers some straightforward madness, rooted into the band’s first album for a crushing remix. The album ends with the disturbing Outro (Clowning is Serious Business) which offers a catchy but very weighing and strange sound.

I didn’t know anything about King Satan, but I admit the band is incredibly effective! With Occult Spiritual Anarchy, the band melts Industrial roots with hooking but dark sonorities to develop its unhealthy universe, which will for sure seduce its audience.


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