Review 1138 : Above All – Disarm The Gods – English

Above All is back from the dead to offer us a new EP.

From 1993 to 1997, the Essex-based band offered an hybrid style between Hardcore and Metalcore. In 2022, Tony Maddocks (vocals), Ben Doyle (guitar), Hallam Foster (bass) and Jay Rowe (guitar) gathered to compose Disarm The Gods.

If you knew the band back in the days, you know their energetic and straightforward music can be devastating. Shrilling dissonance on Disarm The Gods, the first track, is melted to those Nu Metal roots and jerky and aggressive riffs to create the explosive and hooking output. Raw vocals crash over the violent instrumental part, then the band continues with Deadweight, a more haunting and weighing track. Rage will obviously not take too much time to surface again to make us nod or want to destroy everything around us, above all on the final part, right before Foot To Throat offers us a short moment respite before charging again with effective riffs. The aggressive groove will be contrasted by more soaring parts, mainly on vocals, creating a quite interesting result to close the EP.

Above All is definitely back, and they aim to make us mosh like twenty-five years ago. Despite their break, Disarm The Gods proves us the band still know how to create raw and effective Metalcore.


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