Review 1147 : Solus Ex Inferis – Exogenesis – English

Solus Ex Inferis is back with a new EP, less than a year after its first album.

Internationally created in 2017, the band composed of Dave Sevenstrings (guitar), “Lord” Marco Pitruzzella (drums, Six Feet Under, Waking the Cadaver, Neurogenic…) and Sahil Makhija (vocals, Demonstealer, Demonic Resurrection, Targe) offers us Exogenesis in 2022.

Bass is played by Sean Martinez (Decrepit Birth, ex-Rings of Saturn, ex-Atheist) and solos are from Matias Quiroz (guitar, Bleak Flesh, Resilient) et Denis Shvarts (Bestial Invasion).

Without losing time, Exogenesis crushes us with its killer technicality and its brutal rage. Screams coupled to the strength of the groovy rhythmic create a solid and hooking wave, which still can make place to some piercing leads, witnessing of the musicians’ mastery on every part, then The Experimental Engine comes next with the same violent and tortured elements. The devastating blast basis perfectly welcomes the aggressive and heady riffs, but also with this sharp and fast-paced solo, while Nexus Cataclysms allows a very quick moment to breathe before unveiling an Old School and dissonant sound. The jerky and weighing rhythmic lets vocals from Black Metal alight on the raw basis before leads come to offer their madness. The song’s heaviness lets place to Terraforming and some Thrash influences to enhance a massive and impressive Death Metal. Shrilling harmonics join the brutal mass, then Critical Failure comes to close the album with an effective Brutal Death and striking technicality hints. Leads and the rhythmic offer a super powerful melting to let some Prog influences appear before the end.

Even if Solus Ex Inferis is still barely known, their Brutal/Technical Death Metal is impressive. Musicians are skilled, and they can inject Exogenesis with some impressive violence and effectiveness, which definitely belongs to the greatests.


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