Review 1150 : Vanaheim – Een verloren verhaal – English

Vanaheim released its first album.

Five years after its first EP, the Dutch band created in 2015 and composed of Zino van Leerdam (vocals), Michael van Eck (guitar), Mike Seidel (bass) and Bram Trommelen (drums) unveil us Een verloren verhaal.

We also notice the participation of Rikke Linssen on violin, Sandra Schmitt (ex-Storm Seeker) on cello, Martin Welcel (Grimner), Micky Huijsmans (Porselain) and Creia Wraith on backing vocals, as well as Julian Bauer on the artwork, Joost van den Broek (Star One, ex-After Forever) on mix and Mika Jussila (Alcest, Aephanemer, Battle Beast, Amorphis…) on mastering.

The album begins with Uit Steen Geslagen, a long track which slowly lets us enter into this epic universe which unveils aggressive vocals to accompany the powerful and energetic rhythmic. Hooking Folk elements sometimes turn into majestic orchestrations, then the break allows us to breathe for a moment before making saturation’s rage surfacing again as well as some vocal diversity, then leads drive us to Onbevangen and its federative energy. The contrast between ritualistic sonorities and effective rhythmics is intense and surprising, creating waves of violence surrounded by softer elements, then martial tones accompany us to the short Rusteloos, an interlude which uses Folk elements before Reuzenspraak makes those majestic tones and this aggressive heaviness respawn. The song is easily hooking, and it will undoubtedly provoke intensive headbang sessions, but once more the contrast between the two parts of the band’s universe will see quieter breaks appear, before Verloren comes to appease us, accompanied by powerful clean vocals. The ballad ends right before Gevallen In De Nacht, the longest song, begins while skillfully melting solid parts and soaring elements. Epic slow and impressive tones are accompanied by howlings and Folk instruments, making the listening session very pleasing until the last moment.

For those who want to pursue the experience, the band also offers the four longest songs as a Folkestral version, which means with no vocals and no Metal saturate rhythmic. Interesting, soaring and above all very melodic.

The universe of Vanaheim is anchored into a melting of powerful Metal and majestic Folk elements. With Een verloren verhaal, the band shows it has the abilities and the skills to rise to the rank of the scene’s biggest bands, while offering its own riffs. 


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