Review 1156 : Haunted by Silhouettes – No Man Isle – English

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Haunted by Silhouettes is back with a new EP.

Created in 2013 in Norway, the band composed by Mathias Jamtli Rye (vocals, Blodtørst), Stian Hoel Fossen (guitar), Per Kristian Grimsland (guitar/vocals), Ola Nilsen Kjøren (bass) and Håvard Bustad (drums) announces No Man Isle, at Eclipse Records.

The short Departure creates a worrying ambience right before Flock falls over us. Heaviness and hooking riffs offer an impressive sound coupled to powerful howlings, which still let place to more accessible influences on the choruses. The catchy sound drives us to the powerful Icon and its undertuned riffs which easily unveil softer elements, melting more modern and heady sonorities, but also some epic leads, then the band welcomes Bjorn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra…) for Selkie. The song will be the most mysterious and the heaviest of this EP, but also the most contrasted one with a difference marked between the two vocal tones, but its hooking groove leads us to No Man Isle, the eponymous track which closes the EP. Whether the introduction can be surprising, the deep and seizing melancholy coupled to haunting sound and those piercing leads will give an impressive output.

Despite its silence, Haunted by Silhouettes is still as motivated and inspired. No Man Isle is short, but the EP allows us to have a glimpse of all the band’s influences, creating a seizing and aggressive contrast which can sometimes calm down to let us breathe.


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