Review 1158 : Dragonbreed – Necrohedron – English

Dragonbreed just spawned.

Created by Stefano Fiori (vocals, Graveworm), Arkadius “Akki” Antoik (guitar, Suidakra, Realms of Odoric), Sebastian Jensen (guitar, Suidakra), Christoph Zacharowski (bass, ex-Suidakra) and Ken Jentzen (drums, Suidakra, Exit Smashed), the band releases Necrohedron, its first album, in 2022.

With such a line-up, the band’s influences are assumed. The Undying confirms it by getting anchored to a devastating and unfurling Melodic Death Metal while offering softer Folk-oriented elements. Intense leads are melted to this clean voice, then Summoning The Arcane continues with seizing and raw riffs, unveiling melancholic influences. The rhythm part is more and more hooking on this song, which turns out to be extremely intense on the final, right before The World Beyond shrouds us into its melodic quietness. Old School sonorities will make us easily nod, even during this surprising break, then the soft final drives us to Sinister Omen and its airy melancholy. Riffs’ fierceness throws us into an aggressive ambience, contrasted by soaring leads but also by this deep voice before Dawn of Calamity brings a sharp sound. The song also carries appeasing Folk influences on the break, then Heavy roots on the solo, while keeping aggressiveness which can be felt on Offerings From Yonder and its raw influences. Melodic leads and quiet vocal parts give the song a cold ambience, before the instrumental runs riot, then Curse Of The Forlorn also offers us raw tones coupled to an epic slowness. The album ends with the dark A Reconstruction Of Aeons Obscure and its pessimistic tones, placing haunting harmonics into the energetic rhythmic.

The alliance of Dragonbreed’s musicians offers us an insane sound. Hooking, melodic and motivating, Necrohedron allows us to explore Old School roots and more modern sonorities, while going to an effective dynamic. 


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