Review 1170 : Ruinas – Resurrekzion – English

Ruinas is back.

Created in 2018, the Spanish duo composed of Rober Bustabad (vocals/guitar/bass, Ovakner, ex-Machetazo) and Angel (drums) releases its first album in 2020 at Spikerot Records. Resurrekzion, their sophomore, is out in 2022.

The band operates into raw Grindcore, and Eterno Retorno will prove it in a blink of an eye while letting a saturated and extremely hooking groove strike us. Howlings are as aggressive and they drive us to Tormenta de Miseria y Muerte, a massive and very straightforward composition which will probably make us want to mosh. A short break allows us to breathe before reconnecting with raw energy, just like Último Vector and its effective Hardcore/Punk. The song is simple and short, letting some dissonant leads appear before Resurrekzión comes to crush us with its overflowing rage. Pure brutality slows down with this airy and dissonant break, then Ex Putrefaktio unveils a soaring and soft but oppressive sound. Quietness from the song allows us to breathe before withstanding Lázaro, a crushing composition with Noise influences of more than seventeen minutes. Electro/Ambient roots join the saturation in the background, as well as a catchy bass which offers Prog influences, but also some loans from a huge amount of scenes. Very experimental, very disturbing, but also perfectly mastered.

The comeback of Ruinas happens in two steps. With Resurrekzion, the band will unveil a raw and very straightforward violence, then a last very long experimental and soaring song. An interesting musical position, which makes us reflect upon what comes next.


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