Review 1188 : Texas Murder Crew – Wrapped in Their Blood – English

Do you want violence? Just call Tewas Murder Crew.

Created in 2018 in Texas (I swear), the band is now composed of Kevin Clark (guitar/vocals, ex-Devourment), Tim Ratcliff (bass), Brent Wells (vocals), Mike O’Brien (vocals), Cody Hammer (drums) et Skyler Turner (keyboard/samples). After an EP and a split, the band is ready for Wrapped in Their Blood, its first album.

The album begins with Wrapped in Their Blood (Part 1), an introduction with horrific sonorities which lets raw violence come over accompanied by some samples, then the hooking Murderous Intent comes next with simple and very effective riffs. Destructive howlings top this greasy and jerky rhythmic which sometimes picks into Death/Grind to offer some killer accelerations, but the band stays anchored into its Brutal/Slam Death basis, which will be followed by the also crushing Nocturne of Evisceration, a quite Old School composition. The song is cut by very short breaks which quickly make chaos respawn, then the dissonant final drives us to Mutual Combat, a very aggressive track which will be loved by moshers with riffs calling for the crowd’s explosion. Some more technical elements appear, just like on Apocalyptic Embludgeonment and its fast-paced temps, letting the band unveil devastative parts under this killer blast. Bestial howlings are placed on catchy riffs, then the band continues with Pareidolia (In Splatter Patterns), a heavy song which can unveil very groovy patterns between two piece of pure violence. The sample drops the final break, which leaves us with Ritual Disfigurement, an as elegant song as its name can imply, unveiling a fast-paced violence and jerky riffs. The band also shows more raw parts, then 3 Feet Deep comes next with similar sonorities which make us break our neck before breathing again on Wrapped in Their Blood (Part 2). The worrying sample is completed by dark and horrific keyboards before the raw violence surface again on the end of this short composition, completed by Wrapped in Their Blood (Part 3), which only displays rage and powerful but hooking riffs to close the album.

If you don’t know them yet, Texas Murder Crew will leave you a chaotic impression. With Wrapped in Their Blood, the band will show you they can handle Brutal Death and that they also don’t know the word “compromise”.


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