Review 1195 : Aara – Triade II: Hemera – English

Aara follows its path.

Created in 2018 in Switzerland, the band composed of Berg (instruments, Modern Rites), Fluss (lyrics/vocals) and J. (drums, Chimæra, Malphas, Grusig, ex-Chotzä…) began last year a triptych which continues with Triade II: Hemera, its fourth album.

The album begins on the mysterious Phantasmagorie, a composition which lets its introduction mushroom before revealing its abrasive blackness, then exploding with haunting tones. Visceral howlings join the devastating rhythmic to create a tearing and intense wave, letting transcending melodies invade us, then the majestic Adonaia’s Elegien comes to appease us before piercing leads surface again. The song permanently chokes us with its weighing riffs which sometimes allow a solid blast to walk with them, strengthening this feeling of everlasting oppression before the final unveils more joyful tones, letting blackness to the dissonant Sonne der Nacht and its frightening choirs. The song offers a mad freedom to leads, creating a very interesting contrast with the two shades of vocal parts, and the storm finally become quieter right before the coming of Das Dunkel der Welt, a more raw and weighing composition. Riffs sound colder, more mechanical and impressive, which feeds once again the contrast with screams, but we feel some change in the leads on the energetic final, then Strepitus Mundi slows down before exploding again. Old School roots are melted to the extremely aggressive and hooking atmosphere, which allows itself some cheerful influences on some breaks, letting deep rage come back. Once more, the final gives an additional energy to sharp leads, then Mitgift blows us away with this impressive and ice-cold sound, completed by hypnotic elements. Some roots borrowed to an abrasive Black/Folk are perfectly integrated to the weighing and impressive sound which barely slows down before dropping the last wave of violence, which ends the album.

With this second chapter, Aara confirms us its tortured universe is dyed with a visceral violence. Very melodic, Triade II: Hemera offers a seizing contrast as every moment, supported by sharp howlings we cannot forget.


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