Review 1213 : Guineapig – Parasite – English

Lovers of sweetness, run away. Guineapig is back.

Formed in 2013 in Italy, the band composed of Fra (guitar/vocals, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale), Alessio (bass/vocals, SpermBloodShit) and Giancarlo (drums, ex-Bestial Devastation) is ready to unveil Parasite, their second album, on Spikerot Records.

Don’t be fooled by the softness of the introduction of Ocular Tormentor, the first track, because it will be quickly broken by a putrid and groovy Goregrind with Death/Grind roots, followed by Mermaid In A Manhole. The alternating screams are very effective and energetic, allowing the band to multiply influences in their wave of uninterrupted and heavy violence. The album continues with City Of The Monkey God, an as simple as devastating track which lets some Old School hints slip into the fat sound, but also with Taxidermia, a composition which places a short sample to let us breathe before attacking again. The groovy track will let a final explosion lead us to Urethra Candiru Terror, a track that we don’t want to know the meaning, which crushes us with catchy and heavy riffs. Some dissonance points make their appearance, then Parasitic Protozoa comes back to the Grindcore basics for some catchy patterns. Supreme Body Bizarre will alternate between similar roots and more modern and bright influences, while Saprophyte will slow down the rhythmic to deliver an oppressive and suffocating sound. We will notice some blast sessions, on the contrary Liquefied immediately imposes us jerky and very aggressive riffs, accompanied by sampled voices and massive screams, then Pandemic takes over with a contrast between dancing rhythmics and some more technical elements. Zatypota continues to crush us with its thick riffs combined with a disturbing dissonance, then we find Prog/Djent influences in the patterns of Deformed Doppelganger, an extremely heavy and modern track that places syncopated influences at the center of the violence. The album ends with Ocular Tormentor, a rather experimental track that mixes the raw rage of the band with a regular but… strangely catchy Electro rhythmic.

Guineapig has quickly made a name for itself in the Goregrind scene, and the reason is as obvious as their sound is effective. Parasite offers us half an hour of heaviness, rage and heavy violence, then the album closes with a more experimental track. It’s validated.


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