Review 1218 : Vulnificus – Invocation – English

Vulnificus has been called.

Created in 2021 in the United States by Wilson Sherels (instruments, The Outer Tormentor, Urotherapy, ex-Darkened Spawn…) and Eston Browne (vocals, Abolishing the Ignominious, ex-Animals Killing People, ex-Humanity Falls…), the band released a demo the same year before offering Invocation, their first EP. They have since signed with New Standard Elite.

A vocal sample makes us enter the horrific universe of The Viral Virus, a brutal and very straightforward composition which digs into the roots of the style by revealing an extremely Old School sound. The thick and efficient rhythmic overlaid by the devastating screams will make its effect, and the recipe will not change for Coerced Into Compliance, an equally powerful track that places some more technical elements in its riffs. The band slows down a bit for Instruments of Indiscrimination, a track with Death/Doom roots which lets bass play a rather melodic role, creating a perfect basis for that infernal solo before Instigated Indignation comes to crush us again with groovy and abrasive riffs. Speed is one of the main elements of the track, then the EP closes with The Incredulous Invocation, a composition which will leave us in anguish one minute before coming back with the most raw and relentless violence, allowing us very little respite under this devastating blast.

Vulnificus knows without a doubt how to direct its Brutal Death Old School to make it more savage and devastating. With Invocation, the band confirms its involvement in this extreme scene, while crushing us with very efficient compositions.


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