Review 1219 : Nunslaughter x Blood – Split – English

Nunslaughter and Blood have joined forces.

The result of their collaboration? A split in the name of raw rage. As a reminder, Nunslaughter, created in 1987 in the United States plays dark Death Metal while Blood, created in Germany in 1986, focuses on Death/Grind.

Nunslaughter begins the EP with Free From Christ and its catchy Old School Death which knows how to slow down sometimes to offer us slower unhealthy influences. The efficient and catchy rhythmic leads us to This Cross Was Built For You, a composition with blasphemous influences that reveal dissonant and suffocating roots, creating a contrast with the pure violence that is found on Leave Me In My Grave, a composition that combines a raw rage with slower and more  oppressive parts, before ending on a groovy acceleration.

Blood follows with a horrific sample on Imperator, a scary composition which develops a heavy and old school atmosphere before Parasite comes to attack us with its straight rage and its wild sounds. The track offers extremely efficient riffs, but also Grind/Death clichés on which we naturally shake our skulls, while Be Doomed will slow down the rhythmic by revealing massive Death/Doom influences while remaining on these wild screams, then Sadist closes the split with a much longer track but just as aggressive from the Germans who remain in these heartbreaking and massive Old School tonalities, accentuated by unhealthy choruses.

When I saw the announcement of this split, I knew the sound would be dirty. Nunslaughter and Blood have their own vision of Death Metal, and they show it perfectly with this collaboration placed under the sign of violence.


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