Review 1233 : 0N0 – Unwavering Resonance – English

0N0 is back.

Created in 2005 in Slovakia, the band composed of Twisted (guitar/vocals/drums programming, Neoblivion), Acidmilk (guitar/vocals) and Sarkast (vocals, Cresset) offers us Unwavering Resonance, its third album, on The House of What You See, in 2022.

The album starts with the long Clay Weight, a composition that immediately sets the dissonant bases of this mix between Doom/Death, Industrial elements and above all a heavy experimental madness. The haunting slowness is coupled with crushing riffs, unpredictable patterns and modern cybernetic samples, as well as with ever more soaring vocal parts, but one feels that the rage is never far away. The rhythmic progresses until Shattering comes to crush us, creating an ocean of visceral darkness populated by scary screams. The track has a rather unpredictable side that allows it to take Post-Hardcore or Black Metal influences on some accelerations while Unwavering Resonance lets us drown into this disturbing and heavy slowness before using some energetic patterns. The leads become more complex, creating a contrast with the efficient and dark base, then some mystical choirs make their appearance before giving way to Wander the Vacant Twilight, the last track which presents us a quieter and more ambient aspect of the band’s music, while remaining anchored in this dissonant and hazy saturation. Some effects are also present on the vocal parts’ side, then the sound ends by up fading into nothingness.

The least we can say is that the universe of 0N0 is unusual. The different influences of the band offer to Unwavering Resonance a dark and dissonant richness which slowly invades us and which ends up amazing us.


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