Review 1248 : Deimoon – The Nocturnes – First Act: The Hour of Wrath – English

Deimoon unveils its first EP.

Created in 2020 between France and Poland by Chag (vocals/instruments, Hyana) and Piotr Talaga (guitar, ex-Taranis), the duo announces The Nocturnes – First Act: The Hour of Wrath, in 2022.

Immediately, the album is anchored in an Old School Gothic Doom/Death with Nocturne #1: At the Edge, its first composition, which combines slow and melancholic melodies. Raw screams join this heavy rhythmic, sometimes relayed by a bewitching clear vocal with Sandra (female vocal) that creates an imposing contrast with the more aggressive elements. The band offers us a short moment of respite before Nocturne #2: The Legend takes over and continues to develop this catchy quietness. Leads are particularly hypnotic, wonderfully completing those ghostly voices and this catchy rhythmic, then the howls of despair resurface with Nocturne #3: The Hour of Wrath, a much heavier track. Once again, the contrast between the soft sound and the devastating vocal parts will be very effective, reminding us of the style’s roots while feeding the dark oppression before letting Nocturne #4: Lullaby close the album without any vocals. The track is mysterious and haunting, and it allows the musicians to let their deep melancholy out to make us want to stay in this heavy sweetness.

Deimoon literally comes out of nowhere, and their music is incredible. You can feel the rawest roots of their style on The Nocturnes – First Act: The Hour of Wrath, the first EP of what I hope will be a long series of melancholy and darkness.


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