Review 1256 : The Atrophic – Coagulating Mirth – English

The Atrophic is finally unveiling its first EP.

Created in 2021 in the United States by Sean Irizarry (vocals) and Kyle Kuffermann (guitar/bass), the duo called upon drummer Robin Stone (Ashen Horde, Norse…), as well as producer Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid, Blotted Science, ex-Hate Eternal, ex- Obscura…) and visual artist Vladimir Chebakov (Hideous Divinity, Corpsessed, 1914, Katalepsy…) to announce Coagulating Mirth.

Coagulating Mirth, the eponymous song, opens the doors of this universe which quickly becomes heavy, aggressive, complex and yet extremely catchy. The influences of Melodic and Technical Death are perfectly in tune, merging in a wave of fury while allowing us to breathe with a soft break that quickly relaunches the rhythmic, then it gives way to Misery’s Grip and its abrasive speed. The band also knows how to place quieter parts or more groovy elements to this devastating track but they also know how to let the rage run free, just like on the efficient Vessels for the Oligarchs and its heady harmonics. The riffs also offer very catchy and favorable to headbang parts to complete the sought-after melodies, then Horrid Mortal Tendrils offers us a moment of quietness before going back to this visceral, jerky and extremely precise saturation. Vocal parts are still as powerful, and the leads are incisive, the band doesn’t need more to close its EP.

For a first step, The Atrophic hits hard. With Coagulating Mirth, the band reveals influences rooted as much in Melodic as in Technical Death, following a guideline based on efficiency and mastery. For a first EP, it is a total success.


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