Review 1302 : Torture Killer – Dead Inside – English

For its twentieth anniversary, Torture Killer reveals a new EP.

Created in 2002 in Finland, the band composed of Jari Laine (guitar/vocals, Adramelech), Tuomas Karppinen (guitar, Torso, ex-Archgoat, ex-Torsofuck), Tuomo Latvala (drums, Dystopian Domain, Valermada, ex-Torsofuck, ex-Omnium Gatherum), Kim Torniainen (bass, ex-Avoimen Haudan Löyhkä) and Pessi Haltsonen (vocals, Blood Chalice, Retaliatory Measures) announce the release of Dead Inside.

Dead Inside, the eponymous track, is the first one to strike. Riffs slowly arrive, offering catchy patterns anchored in a groovy Old School Death, then massive screams join the ambient aggression and cold tones, letting the dissonant harmonics surround us then giving way to the short The Omen. The track offers us a melancholic and soaring sound to allow us to breathe before Inquity charges back with heavy and effective sounds. Some accelerations offer more airy melodies which contrast with the rhythmic basis, letting the band reveal this more hypnotic aspect of its personality.

Torture Killer‘s style has changed a bit since their beginning, but the band’s motivation has resurfaced. With Dead Inside, the band shows us that the flame still burns, and that their riffs are still catchy. Short, but effective.


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