Review 1307 : Void Rot – Telluric Dismemberment – English

Void Rot returns with their new EP.

Two years after their debut album, the American band formed in 2017 by John Hancock (guitar/vocals, Aberration), Kent Sklarow (guitar), Craig Clemons (bass), and Will Bell (drums) announces the release of Telluric Dismemberment on Everlasting Spew Records in 2022.

Telluric Dismemberment, the eponymous track, takes charge of crushing us from the very beginning of the EP with massive, thick riffs topped with cavernous screams. Dissonance and oppression combine in dark and haunting melodies, allowing this disturbing lead part drive us to Black Embrace, an Amorphis cover from their first album. Raw rage meets this icy and abrasive slowness which also knows how to be quite heady and catchy before its end.

The next three tracks are live recordings from CVLT Nation, back in the summer of 2020 which are from their first album, released shortly after. Whether it’s the slow and hazy Descending Pillars, the sharp Liminal Forms, or the brutal but haunting Inversion, all three songs make us aware of the band’s strength on stage.

Although a bit short and offering only one new composition, Telluric Dismemberment is an EP that shows that Void Rot never stops. Between Death and Doom, the band wants to trample us.


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