Review 1315 : Morbid Evils – Supernaturals – English

Do you think you’re ready for the new Morbid Evils album?

Created in 2014 in Finland, the band consisting of Keijo Niinimaa (vocals/guitar/bass, Rotting Sound, Age of Woe, ex-Medeia), Jarno Virkki (drums), and Tuomas Varila (guitar) has announced the release of Supernaturals on Transcending Obscurity Records, five years after its previous release.

The album opens with Fearless, a thick and disturbing melting of heavy riffs. The slow tempo coupled with extreme saturation and crushing screams drowns us under dissonant darkness, allowing airy leads to join the sound wave before a burst of unhealthy energy brings the rhythmic pattern to life. The band will slow down again while suffocating us, then Anxious comes to offer hypnotic tones which perfectly combine with the heavy basis, then quietness allows us to breathe before bringing in vocals. Macabre harmonics bring a special flavor to this track which will take advantage from regular strikes to become slightly more energetic, letting more complex patterns interfere before letting Tormented shroud us with its dissonant sounds. The rhythmic sinds between hazy and fascinating leads, letting the aggressive basis to slowly progress until this frenzied and almost unreal solo, then the rhythmic resumes before leaving us with Supernatural, the last track, which is also the longest. The recipe is the same as for the previous tracks, letting the mammoth slowness meet abrasive sounds topped by massive screams or heartbreaking leads until a more melodic and melancholic final.

Morbid Evils‘ slow sound borrows from many styles to become monstrous. No matter if you like Sludge, Death/Doom or simply saturated sounds, Supernaturals will quickly become a must have.


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