Review 1324 : Wolfbrigade – Anti-Tank Dogs – English

Wolfbrigade takes up arms again for a new EP.

Created in 1995 in Sweden under the name Wolfpack, the band composed of Jocke Rydbjer (guitar, Today’s Overdose, ex-To What End? ex-Obscure Infinity), Erik Norberg (guitar, Today’s Overdose, ex-Obscure Infinity), Mikael Dahl (vocals, Today’s Overdose, To What End?), Johan Erkenvåg (bass, Today’s Overdose) and Tommy Storback (drums, Nifters, The Clockwork Crew) announced the release of Anti-Tank Dogs in 2022.

Anti-Tank Dogs, the eponymous track, is the first to hit. We find effective and catchy riffs under vindictive screams and motivating blast, reanimating this desire to throw ourselves into the crowd by shaking our skulls, then to relish this sharp solo which contrasts with the rhythmic’s simplicity. Raw Hardcore influences come back on Brainruler, the shortest track, which doesn’t waste a single second to pour out all its rage while being sometimes accompanied by dissonant leads or vocal parts before letting us breathe with the introduction of Necronomion, the last track. Even if the mysterious sounds are a majority in the first minute, a throbbing and abrasive sound grabs us by the throat to choke us under its aggressive saturation coupled with thoughtful leads, revealing interesting melodies.

Wolfbrigade‘s reputation is well established, and the band continues to crush us with an impressive regularity. If you know their sound, you’ll love Anti-Tank Dogs. If you don’t know the band, let them convince you.


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