Review 1360 : ACOD – Fourth Reign over Opacities and Beyond – English

Four years after its previous release, ACOD announces its new album.

Created in 2006 in Marseille, in the south of France, the band now composed of Fred (vocals) and Jérome (bass/guitar) signs with Les Acteurs De L’Ombre Productions and releases Fourth Reign over Opacities and Beyond, their fifth album, in 2022.

Linus Corneliusson (Amorphis, Dark Tranquillity, Sinsaenum, Dimmu Borgir) handles mixing, Tony Lindgren (Aborted, Septicflesh, Ereb Altor, Be’lakor) is in charge of the mastering, and Paolo Girardi (Creeping Fear, Firespawn, Inquisition, Stortregn) worked on the artwork. Drums were recorded by Nicolas Ranko Muller, and live guitar player Matt Asselbergh also participated in recordings.

The album begins with Sur d’Anciens Chemins…, a track which quickly reveals epic and majestic influences to guide us to martial tones, then to Genus Vacuitatis, a massive composition which mercilessly crushes us with efficient riffs. Orchestrations and screams create a contrast which is anchored on a rhythmic with Death and Black Metal roots, as well as on heady elements such as this haunting break full of choirs, or the soft introduction of The Prophecy Of Agony, a catchy track which will reveal its raw power while keeping soaring tonalities. We will also note some disturbing vocal samples in French feeding this track’s darkness, then Sulfur Winds Ritual will renew with frantic riffs topped by impressive orchestrations. The rhythmic’s raw sound revives the band’s aggressive influences, and they does not hesitate to slow down to become more suffocating and dissonant, while Nekyia Catharsis plays on a motivating and energetic groove to welcome sharp leads. The blast combines with vocal samples to drive us to this desperate break which will slowly make the flame of fury revive, which will let Infernet’s Path offer us a moment of respite in this heavy melancholy. Darkness gradually increase with Artes Obscurae and its disturbing introduction before riffs resurface, sometimes accompanied by Thrash roots on the devastating accelerations. The atmosphere is still very oppressive when samples can be heard, then Fourth Reign Over Opacities And Beyond, the eponymous track, reveals an impressive atmosphere, especially with this introductive speech. The heady melodies and the heavy rhythmic progresses with some screams, then the hellish mix accelerates until the soothing final which will explode with Through The Astral Door, a track with mysterious mystical sounds which perfectly couple with the riffs’ rage. The combo’s raw energy also comes out on this track which will eventually give way to Empty Graves / Katabasis, a more Old School and accessible track. The contrast between heavy rhythmic and orchestrations is still present, but we will also find some female choirs or vocal samples, as well as this central scream of despair which lets Prog influences guide us to the majestic final.

ACOD has evolved and now fully assumes its multiple roots. With Fourth Reign over Opacities and Beyond, the band propagates the influences while counting on majestic and heavy orchestrations, massive screams and a chaotic but violent mix.


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