Review 1363 : Breed Machine – AsurA – English

Breed Machine brings Nu Metal back to life.

Since 2002 in France, the band composed of Kriss (bass), Mike (vocals), Dja (guitar) and Deub (drums) has conquered its audience with five albums. AsurA, their sixth album, is announced for 2022 by Darktunes Music Group.

The album opens with AsurA, the eponymous track, which offers after an ominous introduction some groovy mix to welcome sometimes screamed and sometimes rapped French vocals. The raw and efficient energy is mixed with some Nu Metal-oriented tones as on Nibiru, a darker composition full of moshparts and disturbing leads, but also massive vocal parts before Dansez Sur Ma Tombe comes to give some catchy energy hints. The track sounds slightly more Old School, but it is just as aggressive as the previous ones, and the band continues in the jerky and modern patterns with Prototype, a song which relies on Industrial samples to accentuate its rage. The track remains focused on raw efficiency with catchy riffs, then Memory of Men will reveal more airy tones in these cybernetic additions which immediately create a contrast with its name and its lyrics. We will also notice some stronger screams in this composition, then The Last Genocide will offer us a very short moment of respite before reviving the assault with heady and heavy riffs. The band welcomes Julien Truchan (Benighted, Néfastes) for some massive vocal parts on La Théorie des Abysses, which mixes energetic Nu Metal with wild screams in an extremely efficient way, then the mysterious LFDL takes over with Djent influences and vindictive lyrics. The album arrives on its end with L’Etau, a track which becomes immediately very aggressive but which will let quieter breaks temper rage, then Hors Ligne comes to close this chapter with a raw groove and riffs which will make crowds shake.

Breed Machine plays the card of effectiveness with its new album. With jerky riffs, a catchy groove and raw screams coupled with vindictive lyrics, AsurA takes us back to the 2000s Nu Metal with a more modern sound.


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