Review 1365 : Trëma – A L’Aurore du Crépuscule – English

Trëma comes from the void.

Formed in western France in 2022 by Disheol (vocals/all instruments), the project is rooted in Atmospheric/Post-Black Black Metal and announces the release of its debut album, A L’Aurore du Crépuscule, the same year.

The album starts slowly with Jamais De Répis, a soft and progressive introduction which places heady and melancholic melodies while opening the door to various samples of distant voices, then cries which guide us to Orgueil Mortifère, a much more raw composition. We discover there the tortured howlings, but also the dissonance of this throbbing rhythmic which immediately surrounds us by mixing oppression and darkness under some DSBM and Shoegaze influences with notably surprising ghostly clean vocals. The album continues with Les Accalmies, the longest track, which takes the time to establish its desperate atmosphere while a pen scribbles on a sheet before the wave of saturation appears. Vocals follow soon after, bringing that touch of rage to a fast rhythmic which sometimes takes the time to slow down to better lacerate us afterwards accompanied by piercing leads, then bass will bring soaring melodies while visceral suffering takes hold of vocals. The haze envelops us before the rhythmic explodes again, before Animal reveals a soothing sweetness as well as catchy and accessible elements. The terrifying vocal parts contrast with the cheerful rhythmic which gives way to a soaring part, and then the dark sounds finally resurface before being interrupted again. The airy mix slowly advances until Duality, a composition with a disturbing and dissonant sound which digs into the style’s roots to reveal raw tones, perfectly fitting the heavy but melodic universe as well as clean vocals. The final will be announced by a rather surprising break, but darkness will resurface before exploding again on Peisithanatos, a track with a slightly more modern approach, while remaining in this cloud of oppression. Bass also plays a central role in the mix which remains very clear and accessible, then the surge will resume with the fiery and extremely pessimistic …Même Les Oiseaux Tombent. I invite you to read the lyrics while enjoying this wave of intensity, whether saturated or clean, then let yourself be guided by this screaming guitar until the final storm, which will leave us with Grand Vide, an outro that revives the sweet slowness we felt at the beginning.

Out of nowhere and under cover of a false sweetness, Trëma catches us by the guts for more than three quarters of an hour to vomit us its melancholy and its raw but realistic rage. A L’Aurore du Crépuscule is a surprising and diversified album which easily sails between all the Black Metal shades in the name of sorrow.


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