Review 1370 : Enmity – Demagoguery – English

Enmity awakens.

Formed in 2020 from the collaboration of Steve « Zuul » Petit (vocals, No Return, Zuul Fx), David Decobert (guitar), Mohammed Kutkut (bass), Michael Perwira (guitar, Trojan) and George Kollias (drums, Nile, Embryo, ex-Contrarian, ex-Nightfall), the band unveiled Demagoguery, their debut album, in 2022.

The album opens with My Enemy, a track which immediately displays its Thrash and Death roots with a catchy groove and a marked aggressiveness. The massive vocal parts give this rather old school efficient sound an extra heaviness, then The Bullet That Kills You, a composition with a disturbing but melodic introduction, spawns. Raw violence resurfaces soon with these jerky riffs covered by killer double kick, but also by catchy vocal parts and inspired leads signed by Dede Aldrian, then the band welcomes Karl Sanders (Nile) on guitar and Max Otero (Mercyless) on vocals to make The Enemy Below one of the most effective and powerful tracks of the album. The two guests’ universes obviously show through on this very Old School and aggressive track, then the band comes back to its own roots with Preventable Genocide, where they invite David Roustany (Aleister) for some more Thrash-oriented parts. The jerky rhythmic is sometimes quite complex and polished, creating a contrast with the simpler riffs, then the band offers us a short respite before Flying Fortress and its rhythmic which incites to headbanging and crowd movements. The vocal parts bring those heavy elements while the rhythmic builds ominous sounds before the central break, then the track continues in efficiency until Resistance, a song they share with Demian Logan (Warshaped) on vocals. Unsurprisingly, the track has vindictive accents and an uncompromising rhythmic before leaving us with Demagoguery, the eponymous track, which starts with a quite explicit sample of its concept. Quite martial, the song mainly relies on vocal parts to orchestrate the track, which will prove to be effective and rhythmic despite its length.

If you’re looking for an efficient sound, Enmity is the band for you. With its Death and Thrash influences, its Old School approach and its aggressive patterns, Demagoguery promises some great headbanging sessions in your living room.


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