Review 1420 : Fire From The Gods – Soul Revolution – English

It’s time for Fire From The Gods to speak again.

Formed in 2007 in the United States, the band consisting of Drew Walker (guitar), Bonner Baker (bass), Jameson Teat (guitar/vocals), Richard Wicander (drums) and AJ Channer (vocals) announced the release of Soul Revolution, their third album, on Better Noise in 2022.

Soul Revolution, a very groovy and aggressive track, opens the album with heavy but catchy sounds, taking the few danceable Reggae influences while covering them with simple but effective riffs. Rage is expressed before giving way to melancholy with SOS, a softer track which offers a soaring and melodious saturation. About vocals, we once again notice the richness of the singer’s roots, just like on I N I, which lets Trap influences meet a simple but intense rhythmic. The track is soaring and heady, but also very accessible, and it will be the same for Thousand Lifetime, a composition accompanied by mysterious and airy samples. Double-Edged Sword follows with catchy tones and multirooted vocals to contrast with the effective rhythm and atmospheric keyboards in the background, and then Love Is Dangerous comes as the melancholic ballad of the album, mixing soft riffs and federative chorus. The band continues with World So Cold, a track which takes Alternative Metal’s simple and catchy basics as well as Be Free and its few heavier breaks. The track will slightly ignite by offering heady leads, then The Message returns to dig into Reggae to feed the contrast with jerky riffs. A more raw and aggressive sound appears on 8 Billion Rats, a groovy but disturbing composition which relies on heavy riffs and a dark sample as well as a devastating break before returning to more accessible and danceable sounds with Rapture and its soothing influences. The band returns to rage on Collapse, the last track, while offering disturbing tones to close the album with a touch of fierce darkness.

Fire From The Gods‘ influences have always been very wide, and it’s natural for the band to create a contrast with their different roots. Soul Revolution is an Alternative Metal album in the broadest sense, and there is no doubt that it will leave its mark.


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