Review 1431 : Deliverance – Neon Chaos in a Junk-Sick Dawn – English

It’s time for Deliverance to open the doors of its universe again.

Created in 2012 in Paris, the band gathering Pierre Duneau (vocals, Memories of a Dead Man), Etienne Sarthou (guitar, Freitot, Karras, ex-aQme), Fred Quota (drums, ex-Abrahma) and Sacha Février (bass) announces its signature with Les Acteurs De L’Ombre Productions as well as the release of Neon Chaos in a Junk-Sick Dawn, their third album, in 2022.

Salvation Needs a Gun, the first track, immediately makes us sink into a straightforward and fast Black Metal, accompanied by raw vocals, but also by samples and more haunting orchestrations. The band will also offer modern but heady sounds as well as a purged and heavy break before the Sludge influences come to crush us while leading us to Venereal, a composition with affirmed Old School roots. The oppressive sound is perfectly managed by these slow and grimy riffs, but also by saturated keyboards, which contrast a lot with the first dark but soothing notes of Odyssey, a very long track. But quietness will be quickly joined by other very progressive airy elements, then by clean vocals doubled by female choirs before being replaced by a saturated voice. The advance suddenly stops, before slowly anchoring itself in an abrasive and jerky saturation which becomes heavier and heavier until it explodes, dies and comes back to drive us to Up-Tight and its catchy patterns. The experimental keyboards come to add a heady touch to this simple and effective rhythmic, which also knows how to accelerate to become more wild while keeping its noisy madness as on Neon Chaos which covers some vocal parts with cybernetic effects. The rhythmic remains constant and heavy but also offers us some more lively bursts covered with blast before anchoring itself in a soothing and melodious quietness which guides us on Fragments of a Diary From Hell, the last composition, which is also one of the longest. The mysterious atmosphere is joined by the modern effects which become more and more disturbing, then by a sampled voice, and finally by the slow and haunting riffs. The atmosphere quickly becomes chaotic, mixing screams, suffocating rhythmic, sampled voices and progressively more dissonant leads until the final as raw as impressive part.

Darkness is the main asset of Deliverance. With Neon Chaos in a Junk-Sick Dawn, the band handles both sharp Black Metal influences as well as oppressive and heavy Sludge roots, making the album as apocalyptic as aggressive.


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