Review 1466 : EchO – Witnesses – English

(EchO) announces its fourth album.

Created in 2007 under the name Echoes of Perdition, the Italian band composed of Mauro Ragnoli (guitar), Simone Saccheri (guitar, UNsafe, live for Gospel of Wolves), Agostino Bellini (bass) and Fabio Urietti (vocals) announces the release of Witnesses in 2022, through Black Lion Records.

The drums were recorded by Fabio Urietti, the band’s live drummer.

The album opens with Lethargy, a short introduction which lets an oppressive sound drive us to Laudanum, a haunting first composition with slow and melancholic riffs as well as raw vocals. The majestic leads offer an interesting contrast with the rhythmic, which is broken when heaviness resurfaces, just like on Fate Takes its Course and its catchy riffs. Their simpleness gives them a martial and heavy sound which is easily coupled with the wild screams, but also with this mystical clean voice which gives the track a whole other taste, like on Wanderer which places aggressive tones in vocal parts. But once again, the slow and soaring waves manage to soothe the band’s sound which puts its dissonant touch on the heavy riffs before letting My Covenant unveil Heike Langhans’ bewitching voice (:LOR3L3I:, REMINA, Light Field Reverie, ex-Draconian) to accompany the soft airy sounds. Quietness melts with fury before Monochrome strikes us with jerky and dark riffs to let raw screams feed the oppression thanks to some Post-Metal influences. Clean vocals also find their place in the track, then the South African siren joins the band again on Chemical to bring them a heady and mystical sweetness. The alliance of the two voices is wonderfully managed, creating a balance which allows more straightforward riffs to slip into the composition which will leave us when Saturated, the last track, closes the album with its icy but incredibly soft tones which last even when saturation resurfaces.

With Witnesses, (EchO) strengthens its universe without deviating from Doom/Death’s rules and melancholy. We can still find more raw influences on vocals, giving the band a contrasted personality.


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