Review 1478 : Ready For Death – Ready For Death – English

Ready For Death announces its first album.

Recently formed in the United States by Dallas Thomas (guitar, ex-Pelican, ex-The Swan King) and Artie White (vocals, Indecision, Millhouse, Concrete Cross), the band recruited Dan Binaei (guitar, Racetraitor), Shawn « The Beast » Brewer (drums, Haggathorn) and Luca Cimarusti (bass/vocals, Annihilus) to create Ready For Death, which comes out on Translation Loss Records.

The album begins with Vaporized, a very short track which sets the basis for this mix of Death, Grind and Crust with fast-paced tempo, letting the vindictive screams melt to the ambient chaos, then Blackmasker takes over with a slower but also more oppressive and dissonant sound. Some scary choirs join sharp riffs and aggressive blast before Chamber of Disease comes to crush us with a heavy and thick saturation, strengthening the jerky riffs with Old School sounds. Cyborg Priest comes next with a strange introduction followed by lively catchy riffs and screaming harmonics, but also some Thrash roots which drive us to Synthezoid Warrior and its warlike rhythmic covered by an explosive saturation. The band continues with Savior Sinner which accelerates the tempo again to place some hypnotic lead parts in its surge of rage, then Church of the Nuclear Bomb will revive this wave of vindictive and jerky violence which easily reminds us the English pioneers of Grindcore. Heady vocal parts will leave us to let Wasteland of Peace offer haunting Old School Death Metal influences, either in sharp leads or massive vocals, while Worldwode Blackout comes back in this chaotic and abrasive Grindcore completed by some crazy leads before Microchip Mutilation, the longest track, closes the album. The sound is as fat and saturated as ever, but the slowness of the riffs gives them an unhealthy and dark aspect which will choke us until the last moment.

With this first album, Ready For Death announces an uncompromising sound and as oppressive as aggressive patterns. Ready For Death will undoubtedly delight fans of extreme and dark saturation.


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