Review 1482 : Dehiscence – Colony – English

Let’s discover Dehiscence together.

Formed in Oregon in 2020, the band is not one to cut corners. Gangrene (guitar), Stillbirth (guitar/bass/vocals) and Hammer Pulse (drums) immediately turn to violence with Colony, their first EP.

We begin without delay with Demented Terror, an aggressive track with an Old School mix which lets blast mix with a frantic rhythmic and massive vocal parts borrowing from Death Metal and Grindcore. The band continues with Leperphiliac, which remains in this combination of aggressive and extremely saturated sounds while including some dissonant leads, just like Lobotomized at Birth which will remain in this driving and brutal combination. The sound slightly slows down before exploding again, then Against Your Will will come to strike with its raw and jerky patterns. Death influences are more obvious on this track, as well as on Animal Abuse and its crushing rhythmic which hosts crazy lead parts. We continue with Begging, which is one of the most aggressive tracks of this EP, including some Thrash roots in the slower moments, then Rust Wound will come back to raw Grindcore elements to create these sharp riffs overlaid by massive vocals. Divergent closes the EP with an aggressive and straightforward recipe the band perfectly handles, leaving no doubt about their intentions: destroy everything.

If you’re looking for raw and aggressive riffs with no frills, Dehiscence is the band you should listen to. Between Death and Grind, Colony finds its place with an efficient, violent and unstoppable sound.


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