Review 1490 : Nidare – Von Wegen – English

Nidare has released its debut album.

Formed in Germany in 2019, the Post-Black band unveiled a demo the same year, followed by an EP in 2020. In 2022, N. (vocals), F. (guitar), A. (guitar), J. (bass) and M. (drums) announced the release of Von Wegen via Through Love Records.

The album starts with Sintflut which immediately chokes us with a frantic rhythmic, followed by the visceral screams in the background. The raw and Old School mix gives the sound an unhealthy touch which is also found when riffs slow down and become dissonant, but the clean break will temporarily calm rage down then it will flare up again before Von Wegen, the eponymous track, comes to oppress us with a haunting but aggressive sound. Heady melodies clash with the sharp sounds on this rather slow rhythmic which will eventually let rage speak again, then Silhouette will offer us a short moment of respite with a ghostly introduction. The rhythmic section is gradually introduced before the sound explodes by welcoming torn screams which are spreaded on these waves of darkness with Post-Rock influences. We will still find some powerful blast parts towards the end of the track, which guides us to the dissonant and massive Unwesen which immediately becomes more aggressive and impressive. The band still manages to create a wall of melodic sounds in this ambient chaos barely mastered by the break, then the storm resumes with the most raw sounds before Windspiel offers us a fix of sweetness infused with soaring effects. Quietness is suddenly adorned with an oppressive saturation, but the heady mix remains quite calm, except for drums, which reveal wild patterns. Blast will strike us during the slow and dark lament, then Immer Noch will close the album with an abrasive and Old School mix which floods us with disturbing riffs, saturated or not, while letting majestic sounds amaze us or crush us before sinking into nothingness.

Nidare leaves no doubt about its influences. Anchored in a dark and airy universe, Von Wegen makes us go through a thick and oppressive sound fog which develops alternately quietness or aggressiveness to pace its darkness.


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